THE CAPE CRUSTA - Geometric Drinks
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First, we care for the glass.

Choose a white wine glass or tulip shaped glass.

Peel one single piece of lemon zest, as long as you can, and twist it into the empty glass.

Wet the rim of the glass with juice from the lemon and dip it into raw cane sugar to form a thick crust around the rim. Leave to dry in the freezer, so that the “crust” hardens.

Fill a shaker with ice, and add:

60ml of Geometric Gin

15ml of fresh lemon juice

20ml of Symmetry Citrus Tonic cordial

A dash of bitters.

Shake well and strain into the wine glass.

For a summery version, add a large ice block and fill the glass 2/3 with the shaker ingredients and 1/3 soda water.