Experiments & other projects - Geometric Drinks
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Vacuum distillation, low temperature brewing, botanically-enhanced wines… We love to experiment here. Keep in touch with our website and Instagram account to see what is brewing and distilling. We are busy with a few exciting drinks,of which the first should enable us to produce all the vital ingredients to make a South African Negroni, and more!

Experiments lead to more experiments.

The clouds are flowering. Cape snowbush blushing with it’s cotton-like winter beauty, Used in Symmetry Spice Tonic and Geometric Gin.

One blade, Two hands, Three fynbos. Cape foraged African Botanical Tonics : Pelargonium for Symmetry Floral Tonic – Wild Rosemary for Symmetry Spice Tonic – Buchu for Symmetry Citrus Tonic.